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“Eating is one of the most pleasurable activities we engage in… it should never be drudgery or mediocre… but an adventure… a delight… to augment our bodies and spirits.”


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Fulfilling your desire for healthy indulgences!


Here's a really quick and easy dessert which anyone can do. This dessert is organic and completely vegan. A delicious, guilt-free indulgence from Nature, not a box!

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Haute Goodies is now available at Etsy, the online store for unique and handcrafted items.


“Haute…” fancy, sophisticated, elegant, smart…  The “haute” in Haute Goodies is in the elegance and quality of ingredients and methods we employ to make our organic, hand-crafted “goodies …and more” …so befitting of our beloved customers who seek out qualities which make eating a splendid experience while enhancing their health and well-being.   Now, you can find Haute Goodies in the online shopping site, Etsy, home to a fine range of distinctive artisan, novelty creations.  Fulfill your desire for pure, healthy indulgences at our Etsy shop at





Our Chocolate Rum Mousse Pie is now also available in a 6 inch size that serves 3 to 4, as well as the 8 inch pie that serves 6 to 8.



All you haute gourmands, be sure to try our new Apple & Cinnamon Buckwheat Cereal… made with fresh organic apples and organic cinnamon!  …to say nothing of our new Salted Caramel concocted using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and our luscious secret raw, organic caramel…  sugarless, of course!



This Easter, fill their baskets with

some really nourishing candies!

Raw Easter Candy Recipes


Sour balls, gummy bears, Twizzlers, Sour Power…  there’s even one called  “Toxic Waste Ultra Sour Candy”!  So all you raw, organic moms and dads better get busy making some raw, organic sour candy for your Easter baskets!  …especially just now, organic fruits are not coming in sweet and ripe, so these Fruit Roll-ups are pretty sour! And for the sweeter side of your child,  let’s make dark & light raw, living, organic fudge!



Fruit Roll-ups


Cut up some strawberries, mango, and kiwi ...put each, separately, through blender ‘till smooth. Grease dehydrator sheets with coconut oil and pour and spread each a little more than 1/8 inch thick. Dehydrate at 95 degrees until you can peel it off. Stack layers, moistening between slightly with fingers dipped in fresh-squeezed Orange Juice. Cut in about 5 inch sections (easier to roll) and “roll up” as tightly as you can!  Refrigerate ‘till firm and cut into bite size pieces. Wrap and close with twine.



Raw Living Fudge


Put some raw, organic cashew butter into a bowl and whip in organic maple syrup to taste with a spoon or whisk . Mix in a few drops of vanilla and coarsely chopped organic walnuts. Separate into 3 batches. Place in freezer ‘till hard. Slightly moisten hands and roll into balls for white fudge. For yummy Orange Cream candies, add finely grated orange zest! To make dark chocolate fudge, stir in raw cocoa powder. Grind some almonds in blender and sift; use to lightly coat for easy handling. Freeze immediately. Wrap and close with twine.  I make small, individual baskets and keep the whole basket in the freezer until ready to eat!


Living, sprouting buckwheat


Beautiful facts about the Buckwheat cereal.


Buckwheat is one of the world’s oldest domesticated  plants, going back as far as 6000BC in Northern Asia. The flowers themselves are an incredible source of nectar for honey bees.


Doctors, without exception, stress the importance of eating breakfast; and cereal is a quick, easy breakfast.  Imagine if it were also nourishing and delectable!  And doctors tell us that a high protein meal or snack satisfies better and longer. This is because some ingested proteins are converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis, hence the extended levels of increased energy we feel.  There are three categories of Amino acids (proteins): essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and conditional amino acids. The grain we use in this cereal naturally has all 22 amino acids.


Sprouting grains/seeds have many times the vitamins and minerals than those that have not been sprouted…  and many, many  times the nutrition of baked and processed grains!  Our cereal has natural vitamins it has manufactured itself (during sprouting) as opposed to being overly processed and ruined, then “fortified” with low quality, artificial vitamins derived from poor sources!


And although we humans are essentially anatomically identical to all other organisms/creatures, we are the only species on earth that cooks its food!  In common with other creatures, we have blood, muscle, bone, an immune system, etc., that is regenerated every day during the life span, aided by the nourishment consumed.  And yet, as a supposedly superior being, we use our technology to rage wars, and ravage and ruin the planet we live upon ... (animals AUGMENT their habitat), and ruin our foods and put junk fuel into our bodies! (Animals eat only the raw foods Nature dictates.)


Why RAW? If you put a baked apple into the ground, you get nothing.  If you put a raw apple into the gound, you get a tree!  ...because raw foods have life force!

 Dr. Perricone's No. 5 Superfood: Buckwheat


“Buckwheat has more protein than rice, wheat, millet or corn and is high in the essential amino acids lysine and arginine, in which major cereal crops are deficient. Yet, buckwheat contains no gluten—the source of protein in true grains such as wheat - and is therefore safe for people with gluten allergy or celiac disease.


The specific characteristics of buckwheat proteins, and the relative proportions of its amino acids, make buckwheat the unsurpassed cholesterol-lowering food studied to date. Its protein characteristics also enhance buckwheat's ability to reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels following meals—a key factor in preventing diabetes and obesity.


Like the widely prescribed "ACE" hypertension drugs, buckwheat proteins reduce the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), thereby reducing hypertension.


We painstakingly create incredible organic "goodies" ...the  repertoire including exquisite raw, vegan, and some decadent fare as well!


I love sweets!  What could be sweeter!  ...Such a wonderful change of "gusto" after a lovely savory meal!  And I love making sweets… but I never do anything unless I do it extra-ordinarily!  I was raised in a wonderful place, Chicago, in an era wherein the focus and ethic in business was to produce the highest quality, and most innovative.  Now the object, generally speaking, is to meet the “projection” and pay the shareholders.


You might say that I’m a little “old school”, but at Haute Goodies, we still do things to the highest standards.  To me, eating should be an intimate and joyful experience that can only be achieved by using the finest, purest ingredients, with  meticulous craftsmanship. The “haute” in Haute Goodies is in the elegance and quality of ingredients and methods we use to produce our organic, hand-crafted “goodies …and more”.   In more recent years, my "goodies”  have evolved to be amazing, RAW versions of the 'goodies' we love ...  so now we offer 'desserts' and 'goodies' that are vibrantly flavorful and a blessing to your health and well-being!


Since the purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies, we are thrilled to bring you “goodies” that are exceedingly nutritious, and incredibly delicious...

fulfilling your desire for healthy indulgences!



-Louise Broitman


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Haute Goodies is a Las Vegas-based company debuting haute organic goodies and desserts, to fulfilli your desire for healthy indulgences.



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